To bloat or not to bloat, that is the question. Well according to Motorola Mobility's CEO Sanjay Jha it's the carriers that want the manufactures UI's not necessarily the manufacturers. Jha said that “Verizon and AT&T don’t want seven stock ICS devices on their shelves,” because there needs to be differentiation in the market in order to turn profit. He also goes on to say that the majority of the changes Motorola makes to the OS are at the behest of the carriers.

At the heart of the matter is that the carriers need to compete and the way to stay competitive is through price and features. The Android community see's bloat, the carriers see features. Choice is good in the market place and with a pure Google Experience phone, aka Samsung Galaxy Nexus, being released across most of the major carriers it's good to see the carriers trying to keep all of their customers happy.

If only Motorola would comment on their bootloaders now...........

Via: ZdNet