Sprint's Senior VP David Owens revealed at CES this year that Sprint has no plans to continue releasing WiMAX devices, but will instead concentrate on building up their 4G LTE network. It appears that although Sprint was able to get 4G speeds to market faster than other competitors, the WiMAX didn't pan out in the end. WiMAX was fraught with problems and a slowed development from the get go, and now Sprint is planning on dumping it in favor of the LTE technology.

They also decided that it would be less confusing to customers to stick with one format rather than continuing to develop both technologies. They will still support their existing WiMAX customers for the foreseeable future, but will not release any new WiMAX devices going forward. This makes phones like the HTC EVO 4G and the Samsung Conquer 4G the last of a dying breed of the WiMAX tech. Ultimately, it was probably a wise decision on their part. Share your thoughts in the forums.

Source: PhanDroid