Samsung appears to be laying out plans for what it might do next with its own devices, specifically around the platform that it uses. Samsung confirmed that it is in the process of integrating its existing feature phone OS, Bada, with Tizen, a new OS project Samsung is spearheading with Intel. Bada and Tizen are both Linux based, so when integration is complete, apps written with Bada's SDK will be supported in Tizen. We should also note that it will be completely backwards compatible for previously published Bada apps.

So where does this leave Samsung in regards to Android? The truth of the matter is nobody knows for sure. Samsung has already said that Tizen will not become its main operating platform anytime soon, but that also begs the question of whether that is what Samsung ultimately hopes it can achieve. One has to wonder because as it stands now, Samsung supports at least four mobile operating systems and has at least two different TV operating systems which is a lot to juggle.

Focusing on just one OS would give Samsung more control over its devices and more opportunity to differentiate its products from its competitors. The market is saturated with Android phones from the different manufacturers with many different skins, so what better way to differentiate yourself than have your own OS. Many problems come along with that, but thats a whole other subject altogether.

Pictured below is a user agent screenie showing a Tizen powered handset only listed as the GT-I9500.

Right now, there are too many questions and not enough answers. This is a story we will keep our eyes on. MWC 2012 anyone?

Source: Sammobile