My oh my how things evolve. It used to be, and to some extent it still is, all about processing power and how many cores, but the topic of battery life always seemed to make it's way into those conversations . With every new processor announcement the inevitable topic of "but how will battery life be?" always popped up.

Enter the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx powered by a massive 3,300mAH battery. Today Endgadget was tipped anonymously that on February 6th Moto will be streaming an event that will take the RAZR Maxx to task and see if the 2 hour battery life claim holds any water.

According to Endgadget:

We're told to expect a 24-hour marathon event, streamed out to the gaping masses, where the aforesaid handset will be powered on and presumably used for a full day
A real world test streamed out to the masses is something everyone can get on board with. Bring it on Moto, lets see if your claims will hold up.

Source: Endgadget