Acer's Iconia A200, which recently debuted at CES, is obviously not built for the high-end crowd, since it comes with only a dual-core Tegra 2 processor. However, it should perform decently for the less expensive market that it was designed for. It's strange how suddenly dual-core is being relegated to the mid-range section of the market, since it was the hot commodity pretty much all of last year. Regardless, the video above shows off some benchmarks done with the Iconia A200. Mostly the benchmarks are mediocre when compared to devices like the Asus Transformer Prime, or even the Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone, but for many folks, (if the price is right), this could be a decent device worth considering.

It's important to look beyond just benchmarks though, and the folks at PhoneArena that shared this video did exactly that. They commented that the device did feel a little bit sluggish at process intensive tasks or when turned in portrait mode. It's Quadrant scores were roughly between 1,500 and 1,800, and the tab's AnTutu benchmark showed total score of 5,018. Both of these were in the middle of the pack. What do you guys think of this tablet? Worth a second look or too blah?

Source: PhoneArena