We are going to write this one up as rumor folks. Pocketnow reports that a "trusted" source has informed them that the flagship device HTC Edge has gotten a name change. For unknown reasons the Edge is now going by the codename Endeavor. This is an unusual move for HTC and with MWC right around the corner what better way to generate some buzz.

Specs remain the same and carrier release is still a mystery but this phone is packing a lot of heat.

The Tegra 3 Quad Core clocked at 1.5GHZ is going to power this phone and it will sport a 4.7" "optically-laminated" 720p display all contained in a nice slender 10mm body.

It should see an announcement next month at MWC with a release under the retail name of the Supreme. This is a very nice piece of equipment and it's sure to be a hot seller when it drops.

Source: Pocketnow