For many fans of 3D Shooters, Counter-Strike ranks up there as one of the definitive FPS experiences of the early 2000's, and there are still a ton of people who play it today. Now it seems that a pretty decent port has made its way to Android. It's called, easily enough, Counter-Strike Portable. For those that haven't played the game before, it is a multi-player game in which players are divided into two teams: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. There were a few ways to win. Of course one way to win was to kill all members of the opposing team, but one of the other gameplay modes was that Terrorists can plant a bomb at a specific location and protect it until it successfully explodes, or the Counter-Terrorists won by defusing the bomb. Here's the developer's description over at XDA,

It is the mobile version of Counter Strike 1.6 powered by Unity 3D. More than 600 players online! Also you can play web version using your browser. Made by Russian 4pda community
It looks like they are trying to be as faithful as possible to the original game, and even comes with fan familiar maps like de_dust2. The game is actually billed as a cross-platform game, allowing you to play on Facebook or Kongregate as well. You can either play it within a browser, or as a native app on your Android device. It's still a rough "work-in-progress", but they have come far with it. The developer encourages folks to share any bugs, so they can perfect the game. There are two versions right now. One is the 5-series app for Android 2.0-2.2, and the other is the 6-Series app for Android 2.3+. The game is even optimized for use with the Xperia Play controls. Here's a video below of some of the gameplay. The graphics are a bit dated, but look fairly faithful to the original, so that can easily be forgiven as "nostalgic recreation".

Source: TalkAndroid