It was a little strange when AT&T and T-mobile initiated the spectrum transfer yesterday, but now it's all starting to make sense. This newly released map shows the areas where T-mobile latest acquisition will improve their customer experience. The map highlights the markets affected by the new spectrum; some markets are going to see slight improvements whilst others are going to experience a significant change.

The cities listed for improvements are: Boston; San Francisco/Oakland; Washington, D.C.; Houston; Baltimore; Atlanta; San Diego; Seattle; Kansas City, Mo.; San Jose, Calif.; San Antonio; and Salt Lake City will all receive AT&T’s former AWS bands. AT&T was very careful to give up their spectrum only in areas where they knew they had enough frequency to get a good LTE network set up.

If you live in this area you should begin to start getting better coverage as soon as T-mobile makes use of the spectrum.

Via: Phandroid