Investors already knew that Q4 was going to be a rough quarter, and when Thursdays numbers arrived, they surely lived up to those expectations. Motorola Mobility recorded an operating loss of $285 million for the year, and an operating loss of $70 million in the fourth quarter. To add insult to injury Motorola didn’t make any money selling phones last year either, they actually lost $70 million for the full year. It must be said that those totals include sales of regular feature phones, not just smartphones. Feature phones are still a big part of Motorola’s overall business model. They did sell slightly more smartphones over the previous year, coming in at 5.3 million units, up from 4.9 million units a year ago. In all, the company sold 10.5 million mobile devices in the fourth quarter and 42.4 million devices for the year.

Nokia and HTC find themselves in the same boat in regards to reporting losses and are in the process of shaking things up, we'll have to see what Googorola has ups its sleeves in the coming months.