Here's one of those rare mysterious stories that are always fun to share with you guys. Apparently, there was a user in the UK that purposefully bought an HTC Rezound over the holidays to try and get it to work on T-Mobile. He put a SIM card in the phone and set the network to “WCDMA Only” and actually had a working connection including data. This obviously means the phone has global radios that work without an unlock code. Interestingly, both Verizon and HTC deny that the phone has the global radios, yet there is a several week old thread on XDA indicating that several users have experienced exactly what the UK user did.

It makes for an interesting mystery as to why VZW and HTC would lie about the phones being global or not. Could it be they plan on bringing out a refreshed version of the phone later on that will have "official" global capabilities among other things? Or could these users just be yanking our chain? What do you guys think?

Source: TalkAndroid