According to the newest research from marketing research firm, Flurry, the Amazon Kindle Fire has moved past the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the most popular Android tablet. The new Kindle Fire grabbed 35.6% of the market, while the Galaxy Tab held on to 35.7%. This appears to be a close race to be sure, except of course that the Kindle Fire has only been out for 3 months, which makes its numbers seem even more impressive.

It's important to note that they based their research not on sales of the devices but on application session numbers from Android tablets, and then compared their use in November and January. Of course, if we take into account the numbers that we got from the Strategy Analytics research from last week, which showed that total Android tablet sales were around 10.5 Million, and that Amazon's Kindle Fire sold 6 Million, then we have another indicator that Flurry's research is fairly accurate. This would mean that roughly 60% of all Android tablet sales were from the Amazon Kindle Fire, and that was only during the last few months of the year. Impressive numbers indeed!

One last bit of interesting info that comes from their study is that Kindle Fire users are 2.5 times more likely to download paid apps than users of the Galaxy Tab. This isn't really that surprising considering the Amazon ecosystem that is inherent in the device and the culture that Amazon has created around themselves.

Source: Phonearena