Google's Samsung Galaxy Nexus page now has a Sprint signup section for Sprint users out there that want to be notified when the device becomes available on the Now Network. Supposedly, the pre-release version of Sprint's GNex retained access to Google Wallet, and was bloatware-free (unlike Verizon's variant). This new version will likely be just like that one, including the 32GB storage, except it will have a Sprint logo, and be the carrier's first LTE device.

Some other previous reports suggested that the Sprint version will come with a 1.5GHz processor, instead of the 1.2GHz that the current Verizon version has, but there has been some rumblings that this might have been a misprint. There has also been some speculation that the Sprint version will come with a larger battery, but there is nothing concrete on this rumor. Regardless, it will also be interesting to see if the Sprint G-Nex has the same "connection/reception" problems of the Verizon version. The fact that they are bringing up the sign-up page suggests that the phone will be available within the next couple of months, but there is no real news regarding a time-frame of release at all yet.

Source: Google - Samsung Galaxy Nexus