Remember not that long ago when some angry Motorola users started Operation: MOSH (Make Ourselves Heard), over the locked bootloaders on Motorola's phones. It was over a year ago, and Motorola promised in January of 2011 that they would eventually unlock bootloaders. Then, in April, after another outcry, Moto promised that they would unlock the bootloaders on all their devices by the end of 2011. That has yet to happen, and it is almost February, 2012. I think you can see where this is going...

Recently, Motorola announced that they would be releasing a "Developer Edition" of the RAZR for the International version, but the Verizon/US version is still locked. Of course, this calls into contrast their statements about unlocking all their devices in the first place. They can blame Verizon all they want, but now the second generation of MOSH has started a new online petition, because there are a ton of RAZR owners that feel cheated. They are trying to get as many online signatures as possible and the following is their cause:

To let Moto know that this ‘Developer Edition’ had better be available either as a trade for our devices, paying the difference, or not at all, since we all bought our devices in hopes that they would keep their word in the first place.”
If this is an important issue to you, then it is time to let your voice be heard. We have included a link below to the online petition. Also, if you want to get more involved we have provided links to XDA threads so you can email Moto executives, file FCC complaints and take other civil actions.

MOSH Online Petition
XDA MOSH Thread for More Info

Source: TalkAndroid