Here's an interesting read. Some folks at Phonearena decided to pit the Transformer Prime directly against Apple's iPad2. According to their detailed, four-page analysis, the Transformer Prime is a better product, by a noticeable margin.

According to their take on things, the Design aesthetics of the two were pretty much a tie. The display on the T-Prime was better. The interface and functionality were slightly better on the T-Prime. Surprisingly, they seemed to indicate that the Processor and Memory performance of both devices was about on par, despite the T-Prime's quad-core chip. It appeared they gave a slight edge to the iPad2 for connectivity, since it has 3G capability and the T-Prime does not; however, they were, of course, happy that the Prime supports Adobe Flash, while the iPad2 does not. The camera on the Transformer Price was noticeably superior, according to their perspective, and they gave the edge to the T-Prime for multimedia playback. The iPad2 won with battery performance, but their final conclusion obviously favored the Transformer Prime.

Of course, I doubt any of you guys will dispute or even find their results surprising.

They had quite a few pics and videos, so give them a look at the source link below.

Source: TransformerForums via PhoneArena