The AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy Note is now available for pre-order at BestBuy. Folks who sign up early for the phone will get it on February 17th, which is 2 days earlier than the street date. You can pick up the 5.3" device for $749 off contract, or $299.99 on contract.

Also, to go along with this info we decided to share the superbowl commercial that Samsung was leading up to for the device. It's a 90 second spot that seemingly ties up the "story" of all those poor "iSlaves" that were stuck in line. It's a bit over the top, and strange, but still has some pretty funny elements. I especially like the dejected look on the middle-eastern/east-Indian actor's face at about the .06 second mark. He looks really constipated. :D

What do you guys think of this commercial?

Source: TalkAndroid and AT&T and Best Buy