The title of this story definitely has an element of sarcasm to it, but in all actuality, the trend of girls being as enamored by gadgets as guys is a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, this study, by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), shows that there has been a marked increase in the "gadget-friendly girl" attitude since just 2007 alone. This year, the CEA's study found that 8 out of 10 girls are now expressing interest in consumer electronic products and 41% of them consider themselves “very interested” in consumer electronics. The CEA performed this same study back in 2007 and this year has seen an increase of 10% since then. There study confirmed that men still spend more on gadgets; however the gap is narrowing between the genders. The average amount that men spent on gadgets over the last 12 months was $728 bucks, while women spent $667, which is a $61 dollar difference. The important thing to note here is that the same comparison last year saw a $200 difference.

The study also shared that over 60% of female respondents claimed they initiated or were involved in electronics purchases. Interestingly, women are less likely to claim most electronics purchases as their own, and view them as “household” products shared amongst family and spouses. However, when the electronic device is a mobile gadget, like smartphones, notebooks, and e-readers, the perspective flips and women are the ones more likely than men to claim them as personal property instead of community property. Interestingly, the study also found that women are more likely than men to look for electronics to simplify their life. Jessica Boothe, manager of strategic research for CEA , who oversaw this study said, “Forget pink. Women don’t want to be catered to with ultra-feminine looking products; they simply prefer lightweight devices that can fit smaller hands and smaller body frames. Women play many roles, like mother, spouse and career women, and CE products that can perform many functions are a necessity.”

The results of this study clearly show that humans, in general, are becoming more gadget/technology attached/dependent, regardless of gender. As each new generation comes along growing up with new advances in technology, the line between how each of the sexes defines these technologies begins to blur. Ultimately, technology is the great enabler of both entertainment and productivity, and these things are relatively gender-neutral.

From a practical side of things, this means that most folks can probably assume it a safe bet to purchase a smartphone or tablet device for your significant other this Valentine's Day. Boothe added, “This Valentine’s Day, the way to a women’s heart just might be through electronics. Women want technology more than ever and they view electronics as very personal devices that can be toted around and customized with private information.”

Source: PhoneArena and BusinessWire