Samsung is set to release a new 7-inch version of their Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. They outed the specs and pics of the device since already, they do not plan on having an official press event at MWC. The device will be coming with Android 4.0/ICS sometime in March, and will have some decent specs to go with that (pictured below). The most interesting thing to note, besides the aforementioned ICS OS, is that the tablet will have 7" a 1024x600 pixels LCD display with Samsung's Plane-to-Line-Switching (PLS) technology, which should make for a more efficient yet brighter screen than previous versions.

The only word we have on pricing is in the sub-$450 dollar price range; however, keep in mind, that pricing is for Scandinavian countries where things are typically quite a bit more expensive, so it is possible we could see the tab in the sub-$350 range in the States, although that is just speculation at this point. We will let you know when we find out more info.

Source: via PhoneArena