Howard Forums is the premier source of reliable Motorola rumor, and that is why we are bringing you this latest handset rumor. Motorola is scheduled to release a follow up to the Droid X2 with a handset that is going by the name of "Vanquish". It is not known at this time if that is the release name or codename, but supposedly the handset has a "gorgeous screen." Details are sparse, but the source was able to reveal that the screen would be a little larger, it would have a Carbon Fiber back w/ non removable battery and come in a little lighter and slimmer than the Droid X series. It was also described as having a better build quality than the Droid X with the "hump" still in place. It goes without saying that the handset is scheduled to release with ICS.

The device the source handled is a very early build. They suggested that it won't be released anytime soon, and certainly not before summer. A question was fielded about it possibly being a follow up to the RAZR, to which the source replied, "nothing about it remotely indicates it's part of the Razr line." Could it be the Intel powered Moto phone that was leaked yesterday? The verdict is out on that one because the source has not replied to that question. Stay tuned right here for any new updates.

Via: HoFo