Earlier in the year we caught a glimpse of one of the newest flagship phones from LG, the X3. Now some benchmarks were leaked of the quad-core Tegra3 powered device, and if they are real, the phone absolutely destroys every other phone out there in pure performance. It benchmarks over twice as fast as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus! Anyone who has had the pleasure of playing with the Asus Transformer Prime will understand the speed. The OS build being benchmarked on the device is none other than Ice Cream Sandwich, version 4.0.3, and includes the latest kernel from NVIDIA.

It's interesting to note that the HTC Edge/Endeavor is supposedly sporting this same Tegra3 quad-core beast as well. Both phones are expected to debut at Mobile World Congress later this month. Apparently, HTC and LG decided to take advantage of the fact that few other companies are bringing much to the table at MWC this year. If LG were just better at keeping their devices updated more often, then things could get really interesting in 2012. Supposedly, there is insider info that LG plans to do exactly that. Let's see if they put their plans into action.

Source: AndroidPolice