Motorola smartphone users have been privy to a fairly useful little feature called "webtop" mode for some time now. This mode allows the user to plug their Motorola device into an HDMI equipped display and bring up an Android-based desktop-like interface to use. Current industry "rumint" suggests that Google is working to add the same feature to Android 5.0/Jelly Bean, and of course since Google is in the process of acquiring Moto, there will be no legal licensing issues to slow them down. The implementation of the feature from Motorola isn't perfect, but with the right tweaks and enhancements from the Google engineers, we could see a whole new way of looking at computing devices.

Could we be seeing the infancy of another Android revolution in a completely new market? Several different internet publications have been discussing lately how Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8 could actually give Google's Android some decent competition within the next couple of years. However, what if what really happens is that Android sneaks around the back door and starts to compete with Microsoft on their home turf for desktop computing space? Since everything seems to be evolving toward touch and gesture based computing, it's entirely possible we could see Android become the dominant force amongst all visual computing mediums.

What do you guys think?

Source: SlashGear