Qualcomms Snapdragon S4 is by far the most talked about SoC outside of Nvidia's Tegra 3 and it just got benchmarked. The new chipset delivered more than twice the CPU power of any currently-shipping chipset in some tests and with comments like this, from AnandTech, it leaves us wanting to see more:
We've gone over basically all of the benchmarks available to us on Android right now, and yet subjective performance impressions are still valuable. The MDP8960 is the absolute fastest we've seen Ice Cream Sandwich thus far - the UI is absolutely butter smooth everywhere, and web browsing in either Chrome or the stock Android Browser is also the smoothest we've seen it. There's no stutter bringing up the application switcher, or taking screenshots, two places that 4.0.3 still drops frames on the Galaxy Nexus.

The only real "negative" is that Qualcomm chose to use the Adreno 225 GPU rather than wait for the Adreno 3xx series to be ready. The 225 performs well, but it's more akin to what we’re seeing in current devices. The S4 roughly comes in right alongside the Apple A5. The first Snapdragon S4's are expected to ship Q2 2012 and will more than likely get some "face time" at MWC 2012. For the full benchmark of this awesome SoC, head on over to AnandTech.

Source: AnandTech