Many developers are finding out that Amazon's Appstore is a lot more lucrative for them than the Android Market. Distimo, a market app analytics firm, said that of the top 110 apps that appear in both Android Market and Amazon Appstore, 42 of them make more money on Amazon than on Android Market. The overall picture reveals that 28% of the revenue in those top apps came from Amazon Appstore. Whats more intriguing is that the Appstore is less than a year old with 26,826 available applications compared to more than 400,000 for the Android Market.

Amazon's Appstore is a great place for paid downloads versus the Android Markets higher in-app purchase rate. Distimo said paid apps in Amazon Appstore made up 65% of all apps, while the percentage of paid apps in Android Market sits at 32%. Of the top 200 grossing Android Market apps, 66% of the revenue comes from in-app purchase. That is a pretty striking difference. An interesting factoid that Distimo revealed is that 50% of the apps in the Appstore don't appear in the Android Market. This suggests that devs are simply skipping the Android Market altogether and just going straight to the Amazon Appstore.

Do you prefer the Appstore to the Market?

Source: GigaOm