Intel has not had much of a presence in the mobile space and that is all about to change. Hermann Eul, Intel's General Manager, said “2012 will be the year when we deliver the proof that yes, we are there.” He goes on to say “It will take us maybe a year or two. We can make things work that nobody has thought of. That is our clear target. It is not about playing a me-too.” Put on your best Southern drawl because them's some fightin' words. At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Intel announced a reference design for phone makers that garnered a lot of attention so we fully expect them to deliver the goods. They have also inked deals with Motorola and Lenovo. The company's first foray into the Mobile space will be in high end Android Smartphones/Tablets, but they will eventually expand into the Windows market as well.

With so many great processors to choose from nowadays, Intel has just added another to the pile. We here at DF are pretty excited to see this chip get benched and hit some Motorola Phones. Hopefully MWC 2012 will bring us an Intel powered Motorola handset we all can get excited about. Stay tuned!

Source: AllthingsD