Canonical may have just eliminated the need for a laptop/desktop with their Ubuntu for Android. The idea is simple. When using the phone for typical handset functions, it works like any other Android phone, but place the phone in a dock that’s connected to a monitor and keyboard, and the phone powers an Ubuntu PC. The interface and features would be identical to a full desktop computer that has the Ubuntu operating system installed on it. What we particularly like is the data access between the two platforms:

All data and services are shared between the Ubuntu and Android environments, which run simultaneously on the device. So Android applications such as contacts, telephony and SMS/MMS messaging are accessible from the Ubuntu interface. Indeed, all data on the smartphone can be accessed at any time, docked or not.

Granted Motorola already has introduced this via their WebTop application but it was very limited because only web applications could be installed in Motorola’s customized version of Linux. Canonical has arguably the most experience with Linux, so any "issues" that Motorola faced should be easily thwarted. Quad Cores just may have found themselves being put to good use in the very near future.

Via: Transformer Forums
ource: GigaOm

mage courtesy of GigaOm