South African carrier MTN, has confirmed they will be launching the Samsung Galaxy SIII in lieu of the Galaxy Nexus in Q3 (July). Mike Fairon, head of product development and innovation, said “MTN has ranged the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S3 as alternatives to the Samsung Nexus, as we believe they provide greater benefits to customers.” Ranging is a term used to describe when a carrier decides whether it will be carrying a device and when it will start selling it. As with all releases the projected Q3 release could slip due to the many variables that present themselves. Eleanor Mitrovich, General Manager of the MTN service provider branded channel, explained that ranging is based on expected dates presented by OEMs and that these can sometimes slip or even come forward.

South Africa’s other networks have all said that they plan to offer the device when it becomes available. The question on everyones mind on this side of the world, is when it will drop in the US. Unfortunately that info is still under tight wraps. As we previously reported, the SGSIII would not see any face time at MWC 2012 so the wait for more info continues.

Source: mybroadbrand
Via: Phonearena