Previously, we shared an interesting idea that Google may be working toward competing in the desktop space. Today, a new patent filed by Google further backs up that supposition. Apparently, Google filed a multi-touch trackpad patent that looks squarely aimed at a desktop arena rather than the typical tablet or smartphone form factor. Here's a brief description of the patent and a picture above to give you the gist of what Google is aiming for,

Using a multitouch trackpad, a user can “directly interact with graphical elements located at the current pointer location as if they are using a touchscreen device, and perform traditional touchscreen operations (e.g., dragging/flinging content, scrolling).”
The PatentlyApple source link below goes into greater detail describing the patent, and includes several more pics. It would be pretty interesting if Google ends up being the first serious competitor to Microsoft in the desktop OS retail space (I don't really count Apple because they only control about 12% of the world computer market - However, I do give them credit... they fulfill their niche perfectly. Also, it's interesting to note that recent marketing data indicates that Apple has now sold more iPhones with iOS on them than Microsoft has sold Windows on PC's ever - food for thought). Of course, to tackle Microsoft's real power-base, which is Office, Google will have to go a long way toward improving Google Docs to compete there. Still, if anyone can do it, Google with Android can. What do you guys think?

Source: BGR and PatentlyApple