While there is starting to be a trickle of talk regarding the next Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S III, Samsung just released figures indicating how amazingly well their previous gen model is doing. In just 10 months the SGS2 has soared to over 20 Million units sold, which is almost as much as the original Galaxy S device did in over two years (22 Million). Furthermore, if you look at past numbers, by just October, the SGS2 had already sold 10 Million of that 20 Million figure, which shows how quickly it is selling, doubling its sales in just under 6 months.

It's worth taking note that Samsung's total global sales of all of their smartphones was 95 Million last year. This means that the SGS2 is over 20% of Samsung's total global commitment to mobile. It's also worth noting that the higher-end devices for Samsung like the SGS2 and the Galaxy Note are also better margin for them, so they will profit more from this as well. Motorola, HTC & LG should take note and follow Samsung's lead. One of the reasons that Samsung has done quite a bit better is because they aren't constantly spamming us with massive quantities of brand new higher-end devices. A good even pace keeps the market from getting over-saturated.

Source: PhoneArena