HTC is continuing their trend of brave self-reflection. They recently admitted that their Sense UI has become "too complicated". Today, at Mobile World Congress, Kouji Kodera, HTC's chief product officer, said, "From the original Sense up to Sense 3.5 we added too many things. The original concept was that it had to be simple and it had to be easy to use and we had that philosophy, but over time it got cluttered."

This statement comes just before HTC plans to launch their new HTC One Series of phones. Kodera commented,

"There where too many things in there. Even on the home screen we had four or five icons before consumers got a chance to add things themselves. For the HTC One range we have taken it down to Sense 2 again."
From his comments it looks like HTC is serious about getting down to sound, basic business strategies. That's great news to hear, especially for HTC fans. Mr. Kodera further elaborated,

"What we've done right now is a good mixture of keeping Sense and Google's Ice Cream Sandwich element in a good balance. We haven't tried to change everything here. We have kept a lot of the ICS element but still added the Sense flavour on top of it."
Also, Mr. Kodera reiterated HTC's new policy of reduced numbers of smartphones in the market. He said, "These are the key focus products for this year. You will start hearing less from us as we are going to be focusing on less number of products."

Getting back to basics is something many of the manufacturers should take note of. What do you guys think of HTC's new stance on things?

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Source: via Pocket-Lint