Samsung may be eliminating bezels on their smartphones as early as this year. A new report from Richard Windsor, a senior technology analyst at Normura Group, indicates that Samsung is striving to eliminate bezels in 2012 by bringing flexible displays to market sooner than expected. Supposedly, this new flexible tech will allow them to fold/wrap the screen around the sides of the phone and the material would be an unbreakable plastic substrate.

Here is a quote from Mr. Windsor,

We expect Samsung to mass produce such panels for smartphones in 2012, which we believe would be more popular that the current OLED display equipped in SECís Galaxy S II Ö Plastic displays will change the perception of handsets and tablet PCs in terms of design, thickness, and weight, and this would clearly differentiate Samsungís products from others, in our view. This is why we like Samsung.
This is interesting from multiple angles. Of course, the obvious is that it is pretty cool tech to be bringing to market, and could be a remarkable leap forward in technology. The second, is that this will put additional pressure on Apple, because now, Samsung will truly have some fairly disruptive new tech before Apple does. It seems like 2012 is going to be an exciting year for tech-heads!

Source: AndroidPolice