"Statistically speaking, no Android phones get upgraded, none, ever. They have big bugs, they don't even get patched. That's what we're seeing statistically out there."

That's what Microsofts new head of Mobile, Terry Myerson, said to financial analysts at the Mobile World Congress on Wednesday. He didn't stop there. Myerson also said that Apple's habit of releasing software updates for current iPhones is really just a way to sell more hardware. An audience member noted that Apple releases software updates for current phones, and was asking if Microsoft would do the same thing. He didn't answer the question, but instead chose to slams the Cupertino company:

I think Apple ‑‑ you're right, you can download iOS 5 for iPhone 3Gs, and it won't be usable, but it's possible to install .... It's a great hardware sales tool as far as I can tell. Install this OS which makes your hardware unusably slow, so then you feel compelled to go back to the store and buy a new piece of hardware.

Mr Myers should think of getting a job in politics because on both counts, he couldn't be further from the truth. Android handsets are regularly updated, maybe not on the enthusiasts timeline of when they feel it's right, but nonetheless, the handsets are updated. The Droid X saw Froyo and Gingerbread. The list goes on and on. In regards to his assertions about Apple. Apple is known for its long term support of its devices. They are excellent in that aspect. Perhaps his failure to answer the question, is a reflection of where they are at in the development cycle of Windows 8 Apollo, and issues may arise with backwards compatibility in older Windows Phone handsets. We think Terry Myerson shouldn't be too quick to throw stones when he himself may be faced with the same scenario of older hardware not being able to run under the heavy demand of newer software.

Source:Business Insider