Samsung has confirmed that they plan to kick-start mass production of flexible displays in late 2012 for 2013 devices. Future Android devices from Samsung could take on the shape of a book or an even more radical cylindrical shape. Taking a look at the graphic above the patent looks to also include a pull-out flexible display. We don't need to point it out to that this technology is going to blow the door wide open for Samsung's innovation in 2013. The flexible display will display properties of thinness, lightness, impact resistance as well as flexibility (duh!), which will result in an infinite amount of possibilities for smartphones, tablets and televisions. This is a game changer folks, and we cannot wait to see Sammy's 2013 product that features this technology.

Samsung Tablet with a 7" screen that pulls out to a viewable 12" screen anyone? How about a full touch smartphone that folds up into a nice little package?

Source: Patentbolt