A Nenamark benchmark has surfaced detailing a Sony device with the number designation of LT29i. There has been buzz about a superphone from Sony going by the codename of the "Haybusa." Could this be it? We don't know, but it certainly appears that it is. Looking closer, details reveal that the handset is running Qualcomm's Adreno 225 GPU. That GPU is only featured in the unreleased and powerful Qualcomm S4 SoC. Other information gleaned from the benchmark include the processor clocking in at 1.5GHz with a 720 x 1196 resolution display. The screen rez could simply be a bug, but we are hedging our bets that it's because the handset does not use capacitive buttons, but rather it uses the onscreen buttons like the Galaxy Nexus. This would mark the Hayabusa as Sony's first handset without capacitive buttons.

We have not been able to track down any information on what US carrier, if any, the handset will launch on, but Japan and Korea will be the first to test drive this beast. The "Hayabusa" looks to be Sony's first handset to launch with 4.0.3.

Source: Unwired