According to some new industry intel, the first Google Nexus tablet will indeed be an Asus product (as has been speculated previously). Additionally, the Asus Google Nexus tablet may be hitting stores in May at a $199.99 to $249.99 price-point. This could mean that they aren't sure which price they will sell it at, or it could mean that there will be two different versions with different storage capacities.

Further "rumint" suggested that both HTC and Acer where in talks to get first dibs on the first Google Nexus branded tablet, but Asus won the chance. Apparently the reason that Google chose Asus was,

...they didnít reach an agreement because HTC didnít want to ďimpair its brand imageĒ by selling a low-cost tablet, and Acer didnít have in-house R&D capabilities.
This seems to go against previous rumors suggesting that LG would get the "title shot", but this is likely not surprising. If this turns out true, and the tablet actually packs a decent punch at that price, we could see the first decent competitor to the iPad, or at least another option for the average consumer. What do you think?

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