The Near Future Will Bring About Wireless Tech that is 1,000 Times Faster than 4G

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Thread: The Near Future Will Bring About Wireless Tech that is 1,000 Times Faster than 4G

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    The Near Future Will Bring About Wireless Tech that is 1,000 Times Faster than 4G

    It's almost frightening how quickly technology advances sometimes. Here's a case in point: a couple of times last year, we did a story on newer more advanced wireless tech called, Advanced LTE. With Advanced LTE currently in testing we have seen that within the next couple of years we could see wireless data connections that hit 600-900 Mbps. To put it in perspective, that is about 15-20 times faster than our current fastest speeds on 4G LTE. However, a new breakthrough in wireless technology has just been achieved by a team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh that could make even those speeds obsolete in a very short time. Hrvoje Petek, a physics and chemistry professor at the University of Pittsburgh in charge of the research has recently had a breakthrough in which wireless internet bandwidth could be 1,000 times faster than current 4G LTE!

    Current technology transmits data in the gigahertz frequency; however Petek's team has been able to theoretically transfer information in the terahertz frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Here's a quote from the BGR article with some more details,

    Petek’s discovery of “a physical basis for terahertz bandwidth” could potentially be used to leverage the “portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and microwave light” and transmit data at rates 1,000 times faster than today’s wireless standards, which are limited to the gigahertz frequency. “The ability to modulate light with such a bandwidth could increase the amount of information carried by more than 1,000 times when compared to the volume carried with today’s technologies,” Petek said. “Needless to say, this has been a long-awaited discovery in the field.”
    There's an interesting bit of information on the fringe of the story that is even more mind-boggling. Supposedly, Petek and his team expected to hit the 15.6 THz in their experiments, using just traditional silicon; however, the team is actually aiming much higher than that by studying coherent oscillation of electrons. They believe that they will eventually be able to achieve wireless spectrum speeds in the petahertz frequency range by harnessing "light-matter interactions". With the right materials, they could leap-frog this new breakthrough and achieve speeds 1,000 times faster than their newest breakthrough! If you are doing the simple math, this means that it is possible within our lifetime, we will see internet data speeds 1 Million times faster than our current tech. Hmmm... Speculate on this. The philosophical potentialities are endless!

    Source: BGR

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    Anyone remember 900MHz cordless phones? Remember how they used to work so far from the base stations you could almost go for a walk and still talk clearly?

    Fast forward to 2.4GHz phones. Remember how they promised longer ranges than the old 900MHz phones? Remember how they didn't and were HIGHLY susceptible to interference?

    Then came the 5.8GHz phones. Even with digital enhancement they had short ranges even compared to the 2.4GHz phones.

    Now we hit DECT 6.0 phones. Using a modified cellular network technology, and operating at about 50MHz higher most cellular networks (which is still a lower frequency than even the 2.4GHz phones), you get amazing clarity and amazing range, all at the same or even lower power consumption and broadcast/reception wattages than the old phone standards.

    Now, the technology can be credited for some of this amazing improvement. But, I ask you, why did they go with a lower frequency? I'll tell you. Simply put, higher frequencies oscillate more per second, meaning more data can be transferred per second. Everyone who knows anything about radio technology knows this. That means higher frequencies should be better, right? Not always. Lower frequencies (think AM radio stations) carry less data per second, but the POWER of the individual cycles can be tremendous, carrying further and being less prone to interruption and blockages. This is why 850MHz cellular networks carry better in urban environments and have FAR more range than 2.1GHz cellular broadcasts in rural locations.

    Satellite TV technology, for example, relies on incredibly-high frequencies to carry all that data to those tiny dishes you see everywhere. This means VERY high compression levels, but it also means it's VERY prone to interference. This is why you have to brush the snow off your dish whenever it snows, heavy rain will kill your Rams game, and a good gust of wind can cause you to lose connection for up to a minute. A typical satellite TV provider operates at 11.75GHz. A single leaf from, say, a maple tree can block enough signal to make reception impossible.

    So, let's look at this technology. 15.6THz is over 1,000 times the frequency of the satellite TV signal. Imagine your signal strength inside at anything more than a hundred (insert distance measurement unit of choice here) from the nearest cell tower.

    I don't think I need to say any more, really...

    Cheers, though. This is awesome.

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