Here is a crazy device that will likely not fit into the budget for most of us, but if you suddenly find yourself filthy stinking rich and looking for an "if money were no object" style phone, then it could be for you. TAG Heuer, the Swiss luxury watchmaker that has been around since 1860, has just unveiled their Luxury Racer line of Android smart-phones. The product is pretty amazing, and it better be, because the starting price for these phones is $3,700.00! Here's a video below.

If you are still reading the rest of this article without having had a coronary from the price, then a brief description is in order. Besides the hyper-aggressive styling, the Swiss engineered device is structured in actual carbon fiber and titanium bridges for extra durability and a lightweight feel. It further comes with a shockproof rubber chassis that looks inspired by a James Bond film. So far, they have not been forthcoming with any other specs, except "high speed processor and the latest Android software", which we would most likely expect to be a quad-core chip along with ICS, but who knows...

So, how many of you are tempted to max out some credit cards for this? (Me neither, but it is fun to check out!)

Source: TalkAndroid and TagHeuer