If it isn't one thing, it's another. Google recently patented a strange, but potentially polarizing idea on a new way to deliver automated phone ads. It's called "ringback adverts" and the concept is born because Google, just like consumers, doesn't really like phone ads as they are now. Basically, instead of getting automated phonecalls from solicitors that you didn't want calling you in the first place, you would hear ads when calling out. This would be instead of the usual "ringback" sound you hear while waiting for the other party to answer.

At first ponder, this doesn't sound like too bad of an idea... instead of hearing an annoying ringback tone, you hear ads looping, which may or may not be more interesting than the ringback sound. However, I can see some folks being frustrated with this for two reasons. One, it could make you feel as if you are being held captive by the ads, just like all the annoying commercials at the beginning of movies in the movie theater, or when you buy a Blu Ray or DVD that has an ad that you can't skip at the beginning. Two, more than likely, unless some law comes out stopping active call-out telemarketing altogether, this type of advertising would likely not replace the old version, but simply be "in addition to it".

How's that for the evolution of ads? Thanks Google.

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Source: UnWiredView