This hype and rumor for this handset just keeps giving. A tipster sent Phonearena a press photo of the allegedly “final design” of the Galaxy S III seen above. Is it an accurate render? That remains to be seen, but lets take a look at what we do have. The handset is running 4.0.x, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, which is obviously easy to decipher by the Google Search bar on the homescreen and the lack of physical buttons. The handset also appears to have very little bezel and a large screen. There is rumor of a bezel-less handset, and while it is unknown if that device is the Galaxy S 3, this particular render could get away with being called bezel-less. It's all interpretation at this point. Also, notice the March 22 date on the clock widget. That coincides with the rumored announcement date.

We really can't debunk the render because there is no video or photo's of Samsung's ICS/TouchWiz Ui, so to say the font is too large, or the notification panel is too vague, would be a misstep. All excellent observations of course, but we cannot venture down that road right now. So could this be an accurate render of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 or a complete hoax? That is the million dollar question.

What do you think? Real or photochopped hoax?

Source: Phonearena