Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, had some choice words to say about all the new phone CPU tech that is growing by leaps and bounds over the past year and a half. He claims that "dual-core and quad-core processors are just a waste of battery, and that to the consumers they arenít all that useful." Furthermore, he claims that the recent "Smoked by Window's Phone" and "Blown Away by Lumia" competitions prove it.

If you haven't heard of these "competitions", basically Microsoft has been taking some Windows phones to various tech conferences like WMA and pitting their devices against any competitor in some specific situations that they decide. Nokia recently did the same thing in China with their Lumia series of phones. Supposedly, the Windows phones and the Lumias emerged victorious almost every single time.

Basically, his claim is that the Windows Phones and the Lumias all do day-to-day activities faster than Android and iPhones, and that dual-core and quad-core devices are a waste of battery. Whether this is true or not depends on a great many factors, and could ultimately prove irrelevant to his argument anyway. Also, his opinion is rather inflammatory and simply not true. For example, besides the fact that these competitions were biased and unscientific, it has been shown in countless testing that multi-core chips, when optimized properly, will actually reduce battery consumption because they can calculate the same processes but operate at a lower frequency, thus using less energy.

While it is true that the number of processors doesn't always translate into faster or more efficient, because it depends on several other factors like the size of the chip and the frequency it is clocked at, the irony is that Microsoft has specifically developed Windows 8 Mobile to optimize for future dual and multi-core processors. This makes his statements completely contradictory and designed to simply validate a certain marketing perspective based upon what he wants people to believe when it suits him the most. In just a few months time we will likely hear him spouting just the opposite, and that kind of hypocrisy is certainly not going to win over critics or consumers. Share your thoughts.

Source: UnwiredView