There is a new debut app from a dev named, Jean-Sebastien Royer, available on the app store, and it has a very intriguing concept. The app is called "Kainy", and it allows you to remotely stream your PC-games on your Android smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G. At first blush it's easy to spot that the big problem with this idea is that the various games on PC's have an infinite variety of control schemes. Luckily, Jean-Sebastien Royer accepted this challenge and created a brilliant way around it. Built into "Kainy" is a completely customizable control scheme system, that even includes around 100 custom preset control schemes, including accelerometer controls where those could function properly.

In fact, Kainy even allows you to connect a Bluetooth keyboard for extra options, and the app offers 128-bit authentication/data encryption. Finally, the dev shares on his website that weekly updates are a priority for him which could mean great things for the potential of this app. You can find the app for $5.04 in the Google Play Store. Here are some links below and a demo video above.

Source: AndroidPolice and Kainy Developer Website and Google Play Store