The above is a concept render, and may not be indicative of the final product.

According to several reports out of Korean news agencies, Samsung's President of Operations in China, Kim Young-Ha, has been quoted saying that the Galaxy S III could see its launch date moved up from May to April in China. Even though it may be a bit before Europe and the U.S. see the phone released, this is still good news because it means that they have probably almost finished the device.

Kim Young-Ha made these statements while speaking to the Beijing press about Samsung's broader strategy in China. He indicated that Samsung's plans will become more aggressive to pursue an even greater market share. It seems that Samsung wants to solidify their already massive lead in the Chinese market over the iPhone and everyone else. This make a lot of sense in China where the smartphone market is still young and growing rapidly.

Obviously in the over-saturated market of the U.S., this strategy would be a waste as we have seen with Motorola. More than likely, Samsung will wait a while to bring it to the United States. How long do you think it will take to bring the SGS3 to the States?

Source: The Verge