Speaking more about Samsung copying Apple... here is a story in which it is absolutely cut and dried. Samsung really is copying Apple, but this time there will be no patent lawsuits, and it is actually a really good idea. Samsung just opened up its first Galaxy Store in Peru. In this instance, this is simply smart business. If you are a company that strives for success and you see a marketing angle that has been successful for the competition, you grab that idea and run with it too. Apple's "Apple Stores" have been a big success for them so far, and Samsung is taking a Que from that success.

Consumers can wander into the new "Galaxy Store" and check out Samsung's new innovations in smartphones & tablets. If you live in that area of the world, or are traveling that direction, you can find the store in the Open Plaza Angamos Mall. Samsung is partnered with South American telecoms company Claro for this store and more. They even had a giveaway where some lucky shoppers received free tablets and smartphones.

Who knows? Pretty soon, we could start seeing Samsung Galaxy Stores all over the world. How would you feel about that?

Source: Phandroid