If you like video games, especially mech combat video games, then you and your Android will be very happy come April. The game maker, Mobilwerx, is releasing a game called SAWS - The Puridium War for Android, and it looks like a serious blast! But, don't take our word for it. Watch the video above and judge for yourself. The game will be available in two different versions. There will be an HD version with graphics optimized for multi-core devices, and either version will have a customizable graphics slider to improve performance on a range of different devices. Here are some of the gameplay elements taken from their website:

You are PFC Lucas 11 of SAWS Battalion E25, and you have taken an oath to defend humanity from the DEVOUR. As a member of the Special Assault Weapons Squad, you will be piloting the latest generation assault suit equipped with some of the most destructive mobile weapons ever created.

Take advantage of the latest mobile hardware with beautifully rendered graphics and high quality explosions.

Donít get out flanked, as enemies attack from every angle and waste no time destroying everything in their path. SAWS features a rich 3D environment with unlockable angles and modes. Relentless waves of DEVOUR will stop at nothing to get to your Puridium deposits.

Augment your defenses with turrets that can be upgraded and deployed on-the-fly. Repair walls and mechs with Nanite Packs to keep yourself in the action. Choose from multiple turret classes, that each come with unique strengths, weaknesses, and upgrade paths.

Upgrade your destructive capabilities with weapon swaps and upgrades. SAW mech have multiple mount points that you can modify with the weapon of your choice. Players can equip everything from rocket launchers to concussion grenades. Should the situation get too dicey, you can even inject nanite into your bloodstream accelerating your reflexing to the point where it appears that time is slowing down.
Man, the games are getting so good on mobile that other game systems are going to start getting jealous. :D

Source: MobileWerx