We frequently like to share some of the amazing advancements in technology that we find, and sometimes the new ideas and breakthroughs are so revolutionary that it almost seems like magic. Today, we are sharing some newly evolving tech from NEC in the field of tactile touchscreens of the future, but this one probably doesn't qualify for the previous description. In fact, it's a bit weird and seems almost like a step backwards; however, who knows for sure how far this idea might progress, so we thought it worth mentioning.

Apparently, NEC's take on the tactile touchscreen wave of the future is a movable glass screen with wires and micro-gears nudging it around inside your tablet. No... really... they literally jerk the screen around to follow your movement patterns. You have to see the video to believe it. It's easy to scoff at such a retro idea, but I suppose it's possible that some future molecularized nanite version of this might actually be viable someday. Also, you have to give these designers props for coming up with a novel idea. After-all, sometimes even the craziest of ideas could morph into something amazing.

Source: AndroidTablets.net via Diginfo