Above is the future Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Inch Device used simply as an example

Over the past few weeks we have heard many rumors about a potential Google Nexus tablet. Today we seem to have some confirmation of a few of these rumors from a WSJ article, along with some additional intriguing details. The WSJ cites "people familiar with the matter" and confirms that the first Google Nexus tablet will likely be manufactured by Asus; however, they also added that Samsung will also be working on a future Nexus tablet for Google. Additionally, Google will apparently be selling its own branded tablets itself through an online store of its own. This is similar to what it did with the first Nexus phones. There are additional rumors to go along with this report. Sources seem to confirm the $149.99 price point that has been rumored previously, and that the Google Nexus tablet will likely come with Jelly Bean.

It seems like Google is starting to get very serious about competing with the iPad and plans to lead a hard-charge of Android tablets into the market. This move could really bring the heat in the tablet wars. What do you guys think?

Source: UnWiredView