There are rumors swirling the interwebs that the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE will be available on April 22nd. The above pic was supposedly snapped by an anonymous Walmart employee, of an internal memo. This document claims that the device will ship to Sam's Club stores on April 22nd. This version of the phone will be close to identical to the Verizon version, except that it will include official Google Wallet support and be clocked 300MHz higher (1.5GHz instead of 1.2GHz).

Interestingly, this internal doc also includes some details about the new LG Viper LTE. It will be released to Sam's Club as well, but instead will hit store shelves on April 15. It looks like Sprint users will not have to wait too long for some Ice Cream Sandwich on a G-Nex tastiness!

Source: The Verge