Today heralds the launch of the SwiftKey 3 Beta – the latest version of our multi-award winning Android keyboard that we’ve been working flat out on for the last six months. Only three days ago as an April Fools’ prank, we jested that we’d reinvented the keyboard again. Thing is, this time we really have.

Not only do we actually have a larger spacebar with improved typing UI for you (as requested by so many users) but SwiftKey 3 is also the most advanced touchscreen keyboard the world has to offer.

We’ve cracked one of the hardest problems that exists in text entry – how to correctly determine when a user has missed spaces. With our new Smart Space technology, SwiftKey 3 figures out when you’ve missed spaces (or maybe hit a letter instead) across long strings of sloppy text. So you can type “Lleasexqllme” and SwiftKey 3 will know you mean “Please call me”. Or perhaps you type “Swidykeuvroxla”, where in fact you mean “SwiftKey rocks”. It makes typing much, much easier. You can even type a whole sentence out without hitting space once.

There are too many other innovations and improvements in SwiftKey 3 to detail here, but notable highlights include two new beautiful themes, support for the Android backup service (so you’ll never lose learned phrases again), and support for seven new languages, including Korean and Persian (Farsi).

To get SwiftKey 3 Beta, head over to our VIP community and get the phone version or the tablet build. There you’ll find APKs and a whole community of other users to discuss the new features with and give feedback. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Source: Swiftkey

Alternate phone download link due to server overload: