Yesterday, we shared some pretty cool news with you regarding Google's cutting edge future product they are working on called, "Project Glass." This is the new name for the previously teased "Google Goggles," and the premise of this technology, if implemented properly, could be truly revolutionary and ground-breaking. However, even though the idea seems very cool, and could be the "next big thing" in mobile tech, it also could turn into an enormous flop if the design and functionality does not match the vision.

A gentleman named Tom Scott created a pretty hilarious parody video of the "Project Glass" concept, as seen from a very poor implementation of the product. The video is above, but be forewarned, the language is a bit PG-13, especially if you are from the UK. If you don't mind your humor a little bit risque, it's worth a morning laugh. He called it "Google Glasses: A new way to hurt yourself."

Source: TechCrunch