Last week an image from Best Buy's internal systems showed that the Motorola Droid RAZR/Maxx update to Android 4.0 were due to be pushed on April 4th. As we all know, it's now April 5th and RAZR/Maxx owners are still without the update. So what happened? According to a Best Buy tipster the updates have been delayed and he/she provided a screenshot. The tipster did not mention when the updates would be pushing out and there was also no mention or why it was delayed.

What's interesting to note is that the Rezound's update has not been cancelled, so we will see if this screenshot holds any water. There always seems to be controversy surrounding Android OS upgrades and things have not changed with ICS. It's coming, it's not, it's due then, it's been delayed. A good rule of thumb is to never believe the first 4-5 rumors that make the rounds. Nine times out of ten they are never right. What say you? Legit screenshot, or is someone trying to cover their buttocks?

Via: Phonedog