Above is likely an artist's render of the mythical Google Nexus tablet that we shared in a previous story, but it could be accurate. Image courtesy of pocketnow.com.

We have some industry intel that suggests the Google Nexus tablet may be delayed until July. According to the reports, the delay is likely caused by some design changes that are meant to bring the cost down from one of the rumored $250 price-points. Apparently, at least according to this "rumint," the specs still include the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. Further speculation suggests that we may see this new tablet announced at Google I/O and even be available as a "free" gift for attendees.

Hmmm... if it turns out to be true that it is delayed to reduce costs and get it to a lower price-point, then that means that it really was originally slated for the $250 pricing. If so, it almost makes you wonder of some of the rumors of a $150 Google Nexus created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Maybe Google themselves released the "rumors" to try and gauge what prices people would get most excited about. Stranger things have happened...

Source: TalkAndroid