Although they have yet to make an official announcement, Asus has supposedly confirmed to the media that they will soon be providing a free GPS dongle add-on device to owners of the Transformer Prime that have been experiencing GPS issues. Apparently, this GPS dongle will snap-on to the bottom of the T-Prime to make sure that your Tablet has full GPS connectivity. They plan to make an official announcement on April 16th, and that is also the day they will make registration for the dongle available. Furthermore, the report indicates that the dongle should arrive a couple of weeks after that.

It's pretty rare to see a company go to such lengths to fix a customer issue, although it can easily be argued that they should have tested things better to begin with. Still, this move probably eats up most of the profit they made on the devices to begin with. What do you guys think? Does this improve/restore your image of Asus as a company?

Source: TransformerForums via UnWiredView